Side Projects

Below are samples of various side projects in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and product management that I'm either currently working on, or previously worked on.


Gigz is an on-demand marketplace that connects musicians with opportunities. The venture concept is currently on hold, but here's some more info on it:

  • Landing page mockup (before) and
  • Pitch Deck, mobile app wireframe, former alpha website - contact me ;)

Warn My Friends

WMF was a mobile app idea that enabled anyone to get out of any awkward situation! You can check me out presenting during the Babson Rocket Pitch (scroll to the 1:50:12 mark), and read a shoutout I got from VentureFizz.

The Born Again Virgins 

The BAVs is my rock band that I play in from time-to-time. Here's an example of an email marketing blast I deployed to promote our show at SPiN Galactic. We ended up packing the house at this hip New York venue and ping pong lounge owned by actress, Susan Sarandon.